Kay Ward Trilogy

All three of Bishop Kay Ward’s books in one fine collection.  The set includes Of Seasons & Sparrows, Heading Home, and Hoping for Spring. Don’t miss out on this great chance to own all three of Bishop Ward’s books at a great price.

Of Seasons and Sparrows

Of Seasons and Sparrows – Bishop Kay Ward Of Seasons and Sparrows is a collection of stories about everyday people engaged in the everyday activities of life. Kay Ward’s genuine love for people helps readers to see those around them in a new light. A wonderful storyteller, her gentle insights give much on which to reflect.    […]

Heading Home

Heading Home – Bishop Kay Ward Following in the footsteps of the very popular Of Seasons & Sparrows, Heading Home reflects Bishop Ward’s great love of life in the world of nature and the respect she has for all stories of ordinary people. These delightful novellas share inspiration from her travels and the people she […]

Hoping for Spring

Hoping for Spring – Bishop Kay Ward In Hoping for Spring Bishop Ward offers her third collection of delightful essays that speak to discovery, a love of writing, reliving of memories, and weaving God through everyday life. They remind the reader to look for the extraordinary in the midst of the ordinary. Each chapter includes […]