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Our Moravian Treasures: A Manual of Topics for Theological Education in the Unitas Fratrum • Edited by Peter Vogt

Developed by the Task Force on Theological Education of the worldwide Moravian Church, this new resource provides basic knowledge about the Moravian faith tradition and raises awareness of how this tradition has found diverse forms of expression in different places.  It was written to provide information on how the calling to be disciples of Jesus Christ is lived out in the Moravian tradition.

Through Our Moravian Treasures, Moravian pastors, church leaders, educators and theological students can learn bout some of the most important aspects of Moravian faith and life.  Chapters include “Getting to Know the Unity,” “The Ties that Bind Us Together,” “The Moravian Approach to Theology,” “The Moravian Understanding of Church,” “The Moravian Understanding of Ministry,” “The Moravian Approach to Worship,” and “Moravian Perspectives on Mission and Social Ministry.”

Written from a worldwide perspective, Our Moravian Treasures offers a look at the Moravian Church around the globe.  While intended for use in Moravian theological training, Our Moravian Treasures is ideal for anyone looking to understand more about the Moravian Church.

Paperback, 188 pages.

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