What Heights, What Depths of Love Divine Music for Lent and Easter

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What Heights, What Depths of Love Divine Music for Lent and Easter
by Moravian Lower Brass

Back by popular demand, the Moravian Lower Brass ensemble recorded Moravian music for Lent and Easter on January 10-12, 2014.

The Moravian Lower Brass is made up of trombones, baritones, and tubas and bass horns of all sizes and keys – any tenor or bass brass instrument is welcome! The group plays at churches, civic clubs, annually at a game of the Winston-Salem Dash (baseball team), and pretty much wherever they can.

54 players, from 27 congregations, took part in the recording. MMF Assistant Director Gwyn Michel served once again as our “ears” (that is, producer), with MMF board member Frank Martin as recording engineer and MMF director Nola Knouse conducting. Also participating were MMF office manager Margaret Brady in the alto section, MMF business manager Erik Salzwedel, and MMF current and former board members Chris Jones, Mike Cude, Ray Gatland, Robbie Alphin, Allen Goslen, Joey Transou, Richard Henderson, Jerry Smith, and former MMF Development Director Bart Collins.

Tunes for Lent:

1. 22 Ee, “Take Up Your Cross,” the Savior Said
2. 22 D, Maker of All Things, Lord Our God
3. 22 P, When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
4. 519 A, Most Holy Lord and God
5. 141 E, In the Hour of Trial
6. 168 A, Jesus, Source of My Salvation
7. 151 A, O Sacred Head Now Wounded
8. Rathbun, In the Cross of Christ I Glory
9. 184 B, For Our Transgressions You Were Wounded

Tunes for Palm Sunday and Holy Week:

10. 22 I, Ride On! Ride On in Majesty
11. 14 Z, O Lord, Who Through This Holy Week
12. Hosanna
13. 151 G, All Glory, Laud, and Honor
14. 14 Manoah, When Jesus Into Salem Rode
15. 151 Leinbach, How Shall I Meet My Savior
16. 140 E, More Love to Thee, O Christ
17. 11 D, He Fulfilled All Righteousness
18. 99 B, O There’s a Sight That Rends My Heart
19. 581 A, Go to Dark Gethsemane
20. Cross of Jesus
21. 96 F, Great God, Your Love Has Called Us Here
22. St. Christopher, Beneath the Cross of Jesus
23. 151 Eastham, Ten Thousand Times Ten Thousand
24. 597 B, In This Sepulchral Eden
25. 151 N, Jerusalem the Golden

The “Choir Tunes”:

26. 14 A, Now to the Earth
27. 185 A, Hail, All Hail, Victorious Lord and Savior
28. 23 A, Deeply Moved and Duly Heeding
29. 82 D, Jesus Makes My Heart Rejoice
30. 79 A, Lord, for Thy Coming Us Prepare
31. 132 A, All Glory Be to God on High
32. 149 A, Countless Hosts Before God’s Throne
33. 37 A, My Portion Is the Lord
34. 83 D, Jesus, My Redeemer, Lives
35. 39 A, What Brought Us Together

Tunes for Easter:

36. 230 A, Sleepers, Wake
37. 11 W, Jesus Christ Is Ris’n Today
38. 115 B, How Great the Bliss to Be a Sheep of Jesus
39. 249 A, To God We Render Praise
40. 119 A, Holy Lord, Holy Lord
41. 602 A, Sleep Thy Last Sleep
42. 585 A, Day of Judgment! Day of Wonders!
43. Creation Hymn, The Heavens Are Telling the Lord’s Endless Glory
44. 14 C, The Graves of All His Saints Christ Blessed
45. 205 A, Who Are These in Bright Array
46. 159 D, Sing Hallelujah, Praise the Lord
47. 159 A, We Covenant with Hand and Heart


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