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Losing Light – Walking by Faith but Wanting to See, by Brian Dixon. 

With Losing Light, Brian Dixon completes the Moving Pictures duology, bringing these prayers, poems and parables to the conversation that started with Keeping Time:Dances to the Beat of a Different Drummer. 

Losing Light explores frontiers of faith through the lens of our need for faith.  Here is an invitation to peer into the camera, investigate the edges within and beyond the frame, and bring into focus the light and love of God by which we find our way.

These writings are sketches, snapshots and portraits of being lost, feeling broken, and the terrible realization of our vulnerability and reliance on someone, at some point, somewhere along the line, to have mercy on us and share a bit of grace.  The old saying is that it is always darkest just before the dawn.  Brian suggests within these pages that this may also be when we pray most fervently and in deep communion with each other.

Losing Light is part lament, part study and discussion, and a porch-light left on welcoming you home.

Paperback,© 2022. 116 pages.

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