A Storm in the Land: Music of the 26th N.C. Regimental Band

A Storm in the Land: Music of the 26th N.C. Regimental Band


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The American Brass Quintet Brass Band

Among the rarities in the Moravian Music Foundation’s collections are the only known complete sets of band books from a confederate band in the American Civil War. These were brought to Salem (now Winston-Salem, North Carolina) because the 26th North Carolina Regimental Band C.S.A. was comprised wholly of Moravian musicians from Salem. This recording, based upon new scholarly editions of the works, reveals new insights into the rich musical heritage of the South, and indeed of the whole nation, in the second half of the 19th century.

This first volume of Civil War-era music was performed by the American Brass Quintet Brass Band, formed in 1980 by the members of the American Brass Quintet to perform and record America’s 19th-century brass band music on period instruments. Recorded in 2002.


  1. 1. Dixie/Bonnie Blue Flag
  2. 2. Southern Victorial March
  3. 3. Here’s Your Mule
  4. 4. Canary Bird Waltz
  5. 5. Slow March from “Belisario”
  6. 6. Trovatore Quickstep
  7. 7. Rock Me to Sleep, Mother
  8. 8. 26th Regiment Quickstep
  9. 9. Bettraite Polka
  10. 10. Serenade (Schubert)
  11. 11. Melange Waltz
  12. 12. Col. Vance’s March
  13. 13. Dead March 14. India Rubber Overcoat/Old Slave/Long, Long Ago
  14. 15. Maryland! My Maryland!/Old North State
  15. 16. Col. Hoke’s March
  16. 17. Sleepers Wake
  17. 18. Covenant
  18. 19. Die Ehre Gottes
  19. 20. Rifle Regiment Quickstep
  20. 21. Waltz
  21. 22. Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming/Annie of the Vale
  22. 23. Lorena/Bright Smiles


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