By A Spring – David Moritz Michael (1751-1827)

By A Spring - David Moritz Michael (1751-1827)


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In the Moravian community of Bethlehem, PA, in the early nineteenth century, Whitmonday (the Monday following Pentecost) came to be celebrated as a general music festival and informal anniversary of the Philharmonic Society of Bethlehem. The inhabitants of the town would gather outdoors, on the banks of the Lehigh River, and enjoy the spring weather, conversation, and music.

David Moritz Michael (1751-1827), who initiated the use of the wind ensemble for the Whitmonday celebration, wrote two suites specifically for this day: the Wasserfahrt, or “Water Journey,” in 1809, and Suiten Bey einer Quelle zu blasen, or “Suites to Play by a Spring,” presumably in 1810.

This recording of By A Spring was recorded by Pacific Classical Winds in 1995 and 1998.


Intro & Pars 1

1. Introduction

2. I Allegro Moderato

3. II Andante

4. III Menuetto 5. IV Presto


Pars 2

6. I Pastorale

7. II Menuetto

8. III Arioso

9. IV Presto


Pars 3

10. I Allegro Moderato

11. II Menuett

12. III Adagio

13. IV Presto

14. Moderato


Parthia 3

15. I Grave, Allegro

16. II Andante

17. III Allegro


Parthia 4

18. I Allegro

19. II Andante

20. III Presto


Parthia 5

21. I Allegro

22. II Andante

23. III Menuetto Allegretto

24. IV Allegro


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