Parthien 10-14 David Moritz Michael (1751-1827)


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Play: 1. to engage in recreational activity; to amuse or divert oneself; frolic; sport. 2. to perform on a musical instrument.

The woodwind Parthien of David Moritz Michael (1751-1827) convey delightfully both of these meanings. The works are technically challenging enough to interest both the capable amateur and the professional performer; and they are works containing humor and whimsy, even in their most serious moments, to engage the mind and heart of both performer and listener.

David Moritz Michael (1751-1827) was born in Germany, and became a member of the Moravian Church when he was thirty years old. He taught in the Moravian school at Niesky and came to America in 1795. His official church position was as a worker with the young men of the congregations in Nazareth and Bethlehem, PA, but his contributions to the musical life of the settlements was great.

Parthia 10
1. I Adagio
2. II Allegro
3. III Menuett grazioso
4. IV Presto
Parthia 11
5. I Allegro
6. II Andante
7. III Menuet
8. IV Presto
Parthia 12
9. I Allegro
10. II Andante
12. III Menuet allegretoo
13. IV Presto Parthia 13
13. I Allegro
14. II Adagio
15. III Allegro
Parthia 14
16. I Allegro moderato
17. II Allegro assai
18. III Andante poco adagio
19. IV Menuett
20. V Allegro


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